Why Old Frames?

When I started to frame my photographs, I found the cost of custom and even off-the-shelf framing was preposterous. I discovered if I deconstructed found frames and mats from thrift shops, antique malls and estate sales, and searched for a matching pic for that frame in my photo gallery and put all those elements together... I could create unique pieces of art that are ready-to-hang and most importantly, affordable. And lo, New Pics Though Old Frames was born!

Why New Pics?

In the fall of 2014, I discovered my love of photography. It started very simply on a trip to Yosemite National Park with my smart phone's camera and soon evolved into an interest in textures, patterns, colors, lines, and the beauty of the spectacular, as well as the mundane. 

Recycled Art

We, as a society, sure throw away a lot of stuff. And an unexpected benefit of the frugality of ‘old frames’ was using as much of the old frame as possible. When I’m deconstructing a frame, I’m saving everything salvageable for future use. Construction paper on the back of the old frame and scrap paper can be used for packing materials for mailing framed photos. Old hardware and wire for hanging can be used for future framed pics. Old mounts can be used to mount my new photos. Everything that can be used again, will be used again. The last thing this world needs is more trash (art and otherwise). And I’ll try my best not to add to it.

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